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Creative with trash:

Looking for an original idea to cheer up your event? You’ve just found it! Masked trash-creatures better known as Trashbeatz get the weirdest things out of their trash can!

This Belgian percussion trio is known for their energetic interactive streetperformances with instruments made from waste. From old rain pipes to discarded fire extinguishers and shampoo bottles; these men make music with all kinds of waste. They involve their audience from the start and attract a lot of people. This act is suitable for young and old and is very flexible: indoor or outdoor, as a warming up act, as a closing act or in between 2 performances, on the street or on stage, as a special act, acoustic or amplified. You name it, we do it!

low Q - D1 On Stage 1

Formula 1: Music with trash

Trashbeatz at Gentse Feesten 2018

The Belgian percussion trio Trashbeatz is known for their energetic interactive street animation shows with instruments made out of waste, suitable for young and old. From old rain pipes to discarded fire extinguishers and shampoo bottles; you can’t imagine it or they make music with it.

Formula 2: Bucket Drum

low Q - Bucket Drum

Large buckets or small buckets, it doesn’t matter, all world rhythms are covered. Samba, afro, you name it. This act is extremely danceable.

Reference: Tomorrowland

Formula 3: Christmas Beatz

low Q - X-mas beatz3

‘Jingle Bells’ or ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ but with instruments made from waste. This act creates atmosphere and ambiance at your Christmas market for young and old.

References: Christmas market Ghent and Ostend

— music with trash
— bucket drum
— Christmas beatz


Standard formulas:

  • Performances

Trashbeatz is here to entertain you with their ‘trash’ instruments and will play on any stage you give them. Next to the stage, mobile or on stage. They have already performed on traditional stages, on a cart while being driven around, walking around and playing at the same time (mobile), at the entrance to lure people in, as part of a (Halloween) tour, as a ‘side act’ for your festival, off stage and on stage, … .

You name it – they do it!

  • Performance + Workshop/Teambuilding

Do you want more than just a performance? Trashbeatz combines performances with workshops or teambuildings ‘making music with trash’ according to your own wishes. Want to entertain a square for a few hours or for a whole day by playing in front of and with the audience?

We can do it!

  • Off stage performance + Mobile performance

Trashbeatz makes music as they move from place to place (only with the wheelchair drum). You can also place them on a trolley and move them as they play. During this tour there are a few ‘stops’ where Trashbeatz gives a full show with all their instruments.

  • Outfits

Trashbeatz standard outfits are white overalls combined with gas masks and sunglasses. If desired, they also have other outfits… Ask for them! Or put them in your own uniform and they will perform in it.

  • Special Effects

If desired, a Trashbeatz show can be combined with special effects… A great light show, fire(work), visuals, …

Feel free to make a proposal!

  • Tailor-made solutions

Do you have a proposal/wish? Contact us and we will do everything we can to make it happen!


Belgium: Gentse Feesten, Tomorrowland, Dranouter Festival, Theater aan Zee, BorgerRio,…

Europe: Splinterfestival (NL), Mooi weer spelen (NL), Totaalfestival (NL), Busking Festival (Prague), Cest is d’ best (Croatia), Propaganda Bar (Montenegro),…

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