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During a few hours, an afternoon or a weekend, you will learn to deal with waste in a creative way. You start by building your own ‘drum kit’ out of waste. With 2 drumsticks/spoons, pots, pans, cans, barrels, … we learn about rhythm and dynamics. Once we have this under control, we will play as a band. Together we make our own song and also record it. Afterwards, a small performance is possible.

Everyone has a sense of rhythm! Making music together also creates a unique bond. During this workshop, you use all kinds of good-sounding rubbish to make cool tunes. Everyone can participate, regardless of musical talent or knowledge. Creativity, musicality, listening to each other and discipline are at the heart of these sessions. Expand your musical horizons together with Trashbeatz and experience an unforgettable adventure. Trashbeatz has different formulas of the ‘Making music with waste’ workshop depending on the number of participants and type of group.

Trashbeatz Workshop

Formula 1: Fixed group

Low Q - B1 Workshop tot 25 deelnemers v2

You start building your own drum with pots, pans, bottles, cans, kettles, … . With two drumsticks, you discover cool sounds and rhythms. You make your own song and, if you wish, an audio and/or video recording can be made of the result. At the end, there may be a tone moment.

Duration: sessions of 1 hour; 2 hours or 3 hours (other duration on request)

Number: from 8 to 25 participants

Formula 2: Jam session

Low Q - B2 Workshop Muziek maken met afval - vrije in en uitloop

This jam session is ideally suited for your event or festival. Together with two Trashbeatz coaches, everyone can join and leave whenever they want and experiment et sounds and contribute to the superjam. Fun guaranteed!

Duration: 1-hour sessions with short breaks

Number: from 8 to 40 participants

Formula 3: Massa workshop

Low Q - B3 Massaworkshop tot 200 deelnemers

We form one mega-trash band. Everyone can join and contribute. With two drumsticks in hand, we work on rhythm and dynamics. Together we make our own song. If desired, an audio and/or video recording can be made.

Duration: sessions of up to 1 hour (other durations on request)

Number: max. 200 participants per session


Instrumenten maken resultaat 1
Instrumenten maken installatie 2
Instrumenten bouwen Xylo

During this workshop, you will give waste a second life by building musical instruments with it.
Depending on the age and duration of the workshop, we can build simple or more sophisticated musical instruments.

Formula 1: Fixed group

Instrumenten bouwen vaste groep 1

With a group of children or adults, we make musical instruments out of waste. (e.g. shakers, drums, …)
Depending on the time and age available, simple or more sophisticated instruments can be made.
This workshop can be combined with a workshop ‘making music with waste’ so that participants learn to make music with their own created instrument.
At the end of the workshop, there can be a tonal moment.

Duration: sessions of 3 hours to 5 days (other duration on request)

Number: from 8 to 25 participants

Formula 2: Free in and out

Instrumenten maken in en uit 1

With a group of children and/or adults, we make musical instruments out of waste during your event or festival.
Participants are free to join and stop at any time.
This workshop is ideal for families with children who want to be creative together.

Duration: 3-hour sessions (other duration on request)

Number: from 8 to 40 participants

Formula 3: Building an installation

Instrumenten maken installatie 1

We make instruments from all the waste produced during an event or festival.
From empty tin cans we make drums, from discarded wood we make a structure and other residual materials find a new life as unique musical instruments.
Together, these recycled sounds form an eclectic symphony of reuse.
In the hands of the participants, the musical installation grows into a living orchestra that can be used for weeks or months to come.

Duration: half a day to 2 days

Number: from 8 to 40 participants


A magical symphony is created in the enchanted forest when children and adults take inspiration from the abundance of natural materials around them. Branches become rhythm sticks, leaves transform into soft rustling shakers and hollow tree trunks serve as natural drums. Using creativity as a guide, a lively forest orchestra emerges, in which each participant adds a unique world of sound. The shared adventure of making music with forest finds connects people with nature in a special way, and lets them discover the harmony between humans and the environment. A symphony of natural sounds that blur the boundaries between man and nature.

— Bosbeatz - Forest beatz

Formula 1: Fixed group

Bosbeatz 7

You start by looking for material in the forest or park that we can make music with: a branch, leaves, tree trunks,… If no material can be found at the location, we will provide everything. Together we look for cool sounds and rhythms. Once we have got that right, we start playing together. A tone moment can take place afterwards. This workshop can be part of a rotation system.

Duration: sessions of 30 minutes, minimum 2 hours

Number: 8 to 25 participants

Formula 2: Jam session – free in and out

Bosbeatz 5

This session where immediate entry and exit is possible is ideally suited to liven up your event, festival, school party,… liven up. Everyone is free to join and experiment with sounds and noises and make their contribution to the super jam. Fun guaranteed!

Duration: continuous sessions of 1 hour with short breaks. minimum 2 hours

Number: 8 to 40 participants


Looking for a fun and playful way to highlight your product?
Is there music in your product? Then let Trashbeatz pull it out together with your clients, staff or visitors.
During this workshop, your product will be transformed into a musical instrument!

Duration: sessions of 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours (other durations on request)

Number: from 8 to 25 participants

muziek maken met jouw product kleiner


All formulas are suitable for all ages.

Target group: 6 to 99 years.

No musical knowledge is required. Trashbeatz provides all materials.

If necessary, provide one chair per participant.

In good weather conditions, the session can take place outside. Provide shelter in case of bad weather.


Primary schools: Bleydenberg Wilsele, Ter LeieGhent, De Eenhoorn Kruibeke,…

Secondary schools: Piva Antwerp, KA Koekelberg, PTI Zottegem, …

Universities: HOWEST, HoGent, KHBO, CVO, LIMLO, KAHO Sint Lieven Gent, …

Festivals: Wereldfeest Leuven, Ottertrotter Mechelen, Jazzenede Assenede, Villa Pace Sint-Niklaas, ManiFiesta Bredene,…

Youth organisations: Chiro, Scouts, Formaat, Kazou, Habbekrats,…

Others: Ketnet, Vormingplus, Broederlijk Delen, SBSO BAKEN, Ecospot, Ecocampus, MOS, CM,…

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