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Formula 1: Music with trash


Trashbeatz brings an act on stage as an intermezzo/final act, both or something in between. Everyone in the audience has a pair of personalized drumsticks or other gadgets, Trashbeatz provides an interactive act. Ideal to launch a new company theme or slogan.

Afterwards, Trashbeatz can accompany the audience musically from the conference room to the reception.

References: Fluxys

Formula 2: Your product = our instruments


Trashbeatz makes music with a customer’s product. You can’t imagine it or Trashbeatz makes music with it. This can be a finished product or material from the company’s scrap bin. Depending on the sounds, this may or may not be supplemented with other drums.

References: Molcon Interwheels, Metabo, Ekoplastik (CZ)

Formula 3: Oil barrels act

Olievaten act low Q

Trashbeatz brings energetic percussion on oil drums to open, close or as an interlude to your event. You can personalise the oil drums with your logo if you wish.

Trashbeatz can interact with the audience (shaking, singing, dancing or drumming along). By default, Trashbeatz comes with 3 drummers, for large stages they can come with more drummers if required.

References: Zoute Grand Prix, Flanders Expo, Duracell

— Music with trash
— Your product = our instruments
— Oil barrels act

Formula 4: Swimming pool drum act

Trashbeatz at opening Vita Swimmingpool

Energetic opening act by 3 drummers with their feet in the water. Water and light effects are possible if desired. Clothing of the drummers is negotiable. Combinable with another act e.g. fire breather, dancer in cloth,…

References: Opening of VITA swimming pools in Temse and Mol

Formula 5: Your VIP on the stage

VIP on stage

This act is an original way to get a VIP on stage, without the audience noticing. Just like Trashbeatz, the VIP is dressed up and drums along with their act. In advance, Trashbeatz gives the VIP a crash course in drumming and integrates him or her into their act. This is typically followed by a speech.

References: Telenet Way Day 2018, Molcon Interwheels

Formula 6: Product Launch


Do a count down together with the audience in an unforgettable way. Trashbeatz provides rousing beats, a roll at the right time and works with the audience towards an apotheosis. During the act, they hand out personalised shakers (chewing gum or mint boxes) and let the audience shake to the rhythm. A product launch to remember.

References: Product Launch Zero Friction

— Swimming pool drum act
— Bring your VIP on the stage
— Product Launch

Formula 7: Halloween Act

Halloween act low Q

This act is typically part of a sliding through system of several Halloween acts. The duration is adjustable. Trashbeatz starts in the dark and provides a drum and light show to rousing beats. Of course they provide the necessary fright and creepy effects.

This act can also be done as part of other tours.

References: Halloween tour Boom

— Halloween act

Act of your choice


Yet another act in mind? Let us know and we’ll see what’s possible!

You name it – we do it!

Just contact us!

Trashbeatz at Spacegala Noordwijk


Trashbeatz at O'neill

Duration of the act: between 3 and 15 to 30 minutes. Duration and number of acts are negotiable.

Minimum 3 drummers. More is negotiable.

Clothing: standard white or black overalls. Your own or other uniforms are negotiable.

Can be combined with and provided with reinforcement, lighting and fire and/or water effects.

You name it – we do it!


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