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During a few hours, an afternoon or a weekend you learn how to handle trash on a creative way. You start by building your own drum-kit out of trash. With 2 drum-sticks/spoons, pots, pans, cans, barrels, … we learn about rhythm and dynamism. Once that’s under control we start playing as a band. Together we make and tape our own song. Afterwards a little performance is possible.

Trashbeatz offers teambuilding packages for companies and educative packages for schools.

Everyone has a sense of rhythm! Moreover making music together creates a unique bond. During this workshop you will use all sorts of good-sounding trash to find cool tunes. Regardless of musical talent or knowledge anyone can join. Creativity, musicality, listen to each other and discipline are key during these sessions. Explore together with Trashbeatz your musical horizons and experience an unforgettable adventure.Trashbeatz has three formulas of the workshop “Making music with trash” depending on the number of participants and type of group.

B2 Workshop Muziek maken met afval - vrije in en uitloop 2

Formula 1: Fixed group

Low Q - B1 Workshop tot 25 deelnemers v2

You start building your own drum with pots, pans, bottles, cans, kettles,… With two drumsticks you willexplore cool sounds and rhythms. You will create your own song and if desired, an audio or video recording can be madeof the result. There can be a concert at the end.

Duration: sessions of 1h; 2h or 3h (other duration on request)

Amount: from 8 to 25 participants

Formula 2: Jamsession

Low Q - B2 Workshop Muziek maken met afval - vrije in en uitloop

This jam session is ideally suited to your event or festival. Together with two Trashbeatz coaches you can freely join/exit and experiment with sounds and contribute to the super jam. Fun guaranteed!

Duration: sessions of 1h with short breaks

Amount: from 8 to 40 participants

Formula 3: Large group workshop

Low Q - B3 Massaworkshop tot 200 deelnemers

We form one mega-trash band, everyone can join and contribute. With two drum sticks in hand we work on rhythm and dynamics. Together we make our own song. If desired,an audio and/or video recording can be made.

Duration: sessions of max 1h (other durations on request)

Amount: max 200 participants per session.


All formulas are suitable for all ages.

Target group: 6 to 99 years.

No musical knowledge required. Trashbeatz provides all materials.

For formula 1 and 2: provide a chair per participant. Under good weather conditions the session can take place outside. Under bad weather conditions, please provide shelter.


Elementary Schools: Bleydenberg Wilsele, Ter LeieGent, De Eenhoorn Kruibeke,…

Secondary Schools: Piva Antwerpen, KA Koekelberg, PTI Zottegem, …

Universities: HOWEST, HoGent, KHBO, CVO, LIMLO, KAHO Sint Lieven Gent,…

Festivals: Wereldfeest Leuven, Ottertrotter Mechelen, Jazzenede Assenede, Villa Pace Sint-Niklaas, ManiFiesta Bredene,…

Youth organizations: Chiro, Scouts, Formaat, Kazou, Habbekrats,…

Other: Ketnet, Vormingplus, Broederlijk Delen, SBSO BAKEN, Ecospot, Ecocampus, MOS, CM,…

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